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I want to recreate the narrative that women don’t get along. 

My dream is to cultivate spaces where women see each other as assets and not threats. 

Through fun photoshoots, educational events, and intentional networking activities The Melanin Land gives women of color the space to develop meaningful relationships with other women whether that be professionally or personally. 


Our goal is to help you find your next best friend, travel buddy, accountability partner, brunch pal, and or business bestie!

- With Love, the Creator, the Curator


Our mission

We empower women of color to excel in their natural abilities. We encourage and equip them with tools and resources designed to support them perform at their highest peak in their work and personal lives.

Our vision

Our vision is to empower, educate and entertain women of color. We strive to cultivate safe spaces where women can thrive and elevate in their personal and professional lives all while having fun.

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